Pick & mix

Pick & mix

We have a very clear bespoke philosophy, explained here which fully outlines our commitment to you when planning your trip to experience the outstanding and varied delights of France and Belgium. Whilst we have a wide variety of tours, we understand that you may want to pick and mix from everything that we have to offer and maybe add in a curve ball of your own. Why not create your own combination of history and culture, the fast lane or the beautifully relaxed pace of French life, let us help you to create the perfect blend of exciting activities.

We have a wide variety of tours with lots of exciting activities, places of interest, events or just good old R&R, hopefully we have something for everyone?

You may not want to focus your holiday on one specific activity, Pick & Mix gives you the opportunity to add a bit of anything that takes your fancy to create your perfect break.

Northern France and Belgium gives you the opportunity to create a break with any of the following elements

  • WW1 Battlefields and memorials
  • Theme Parks
  • Christmas markets
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Culture
  • Brocantes and Rederies
  • Tour de France

These are just a few of the options open to you, if there is something that you would specifically want to do, ring us and we will help you achieve you perfect break.

Feel free to contact us with your Pick & mix tour needs

Ypres was completely destroyed during WW1 but restored to it's former glory after the war.

Ypres was completely destroyed